Indie Games Marketing 101 pt. 3 – P2P distribution model

The most obvious thing to do after writing about the F2P model is to write one about the P2P model. This one seems to be way more intuitive and natural since you pay for the product, but everything has its pros and cons. Without further ado, let’s get to the topic.

Indie Games Marketing 101 pt. 2 – F2P distribution model

Indie Games Marketing 101 Part 1 – figuring out the game itself and its audience OK. Let’s say that you’ve decided to make your game. You got all of the mechanics sorted out and your prototype is working well. It has to earn money in order to sustain you and your team, though. You haveCzytaj dalej „Indie Games Marketing 101 pt. 2 – F2P distribution model”

Indie games marketing 101 pt. 1 – targeting your audience

It’s highly possible that you found this article because you’re trying to market your upcoming indie game, but have little to no budget, or you may be looking for some ideas and tips to enhance your marketing process. It’s a beginning of a series which main purpose is to shed some light on what canCzytaj dalej „Indie games marketing 101 pt. 1 – targeting your audience”