How we got 11k fans on Facebook (and 10k+ reactions on a Facebook post) IN A DAY thanks to redirecting traffic

Managing an app’s social media means that you have an interesting situation. Often times, the app’s user base may be considered as a huge (figurative) bucket of prospects, who’d be willing to engage with you outside of it – in social media, namely. There are many ways of letting them know that you’re doing something on, say, Facebook. There are pop-ups, buttons linked to your profiles and so on. They usually provide a constant and healthy stream of new followers. However, it’s always nice to witness a peak in the number of new followers, isn’t it? You know, a big influx of new people. And in May, we did just that. Here’s how it happened.

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My response to Ana Valens’ „Among Us is blowing up. Blame fascism”

Among Us w serwisie Steam

Hello everyone. It’s been quite a while, since I wrote a blog post. I hope you are all doing well in these odd and hard times. I usually write about social media, community management and marketing in video games industry, however today’s article is going to differ quite a lot from what I’ve already posted. Ana Valens, a Daily Dot’s columnist, wrote a piece, in which she blames current political and social unrest as the main reason why Among Us, a simple, yet phenomenal „survival game”, based loosely of Space Station 13 (a cult classic, having pretty much he same core mechanic), I believe, has become a smash hit in the last few weeks.

Although her article has been tagged as an opinion piece, I believe that such an „opinion” is deeply flawed and we wouldn’t lose a lot if it got somehow discarded. Here is why.

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Making a Q&A livestream for the first time in Ten Square Games’ history

Livestreams are pretty prevalent in the gaming industry, however they are mostly made by amateurs who play console or PC games. I realized that this format could be used in the mobile games market and decided to conduct the first Q&A livestream session with one of the Fishing Clash game designers. I’ll talk about the process of how this became a thing, what I used to prepare the stream and how did it go.

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ARGs and quizes on Facebook as a part of creating meta-content for the fans

Alternative Reality Games are something which lies close to my heart. I used to be extremely interested in, say, darker parts of the internet, be them fictional or not. Marble Hornets (it’s more of a series, but it has strong ARG vibes), NOC+10 are just some of the media which I was more than happy to delve into them. They were the reason why I’ve decided to incorporate parts of ARGs into some of social media profiles I manage. I’d like to talk about 3 cases, two of which were pretty good, while one didn’t perform as well as I’d like it to.

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Three ways of providing customer service in gamedev

Efficiency is what pretty much everyone strives to achieve when working in video game development. It doesn’t really matter whether you are a 3D character artist, a game designer, or an accountant. A majority of people, I believe, work in scrum or agile enrivonments, however sprints are not applicable to some positions, like a customer support representative, or a community manager. How to organize their work and how to make them more efficient?Czytaj dalej „Three ways of providing customer service in gamedev”

How to deal with a spyware scamming scheme on Facebook?

Jean Jacques Rousseau said once that all people are good, it’s the civilization which is evil and because of it, some people turn evil. Honestly, I have no idea whether he was right or not. The point is – there are bad people out there and it’s sometimes pretty hard to deal with them. I consider a certain individual a pretty bad person, because he’s been exploiting some of the players of Fishing Clash for his financial gain. This is the story on how I managed to metaphorically trade punches with him. I kind of want to do this IRL, too.Czytaj dalej „How to deal with a spyware scamming scheme on Facebook?”

Social media reach’s overrated

I’ve made numerous PPC campaigns in social media and while I was usually able to set my very own KPIs. Since I happen to work in the video game industry, I usually went with conversions, which makes a lot of sense. However, I’ve done some campaigns which were only all about the reach. I didn’t quite enjoy them and here’s why.

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What’s the purpose of community management?

You may happen to be a person in charge of a product, say, a video game. It could be just starting, or it could already be present on the market for a while, and you wonder whether community management’s the thing you should look into. I’ve learned that community management helps with achieving following stuff.Czytaj dalej „What’s the purpose of community management?”

The craziest “customer support” story, which ended up with a guy in prison

You never know who’s behind the computer in the game you play. Sometimes, it’s a normal person, an artist, a loving mother of 3 beautiful children, other times it may be a depressed individual, an addict or someone who’s gone completely bonkers. I’ll tell the story of the craziest guy I’ve ever encountered while working in game development.Czytaj dalej „The craziest “customer support” story, which ended up with a guy in prison”

How I got thousands of new players with a comic strip, maintaining a sub-$1 conversion rate

Advertising games is quite a fun activity from my point of view, since there’s a ton of ways to express both the product and your very own ideas, as well as having multiple challenges to tackle. The hard thing is to express your game in a cost-effective and fair manner to your audiences. I’d like to tell you a story about limited workforce, not showing the actual game while also telling a relevant story about and engaging people in a fun manner.Czytaj dalej „How I got thousands of new players with a comic strip, maintaining a sub-$1 conversion rate”