Which social media portal is the best for marketing your game?

eople are often tempted with the prospect of promoting their games on social media, as they are prevalent in our daily lives. However, before creating great content, interacting with people and running UA (user acquisition) campaigns, there are some huge questions – which social media sites are the best to promote my game? Is using all of them a viable option? And a bunch of other ones that are similar to the two stated above. In this post I’ll describe which platforms are good for you, your games and your studio, what to take under consideration and so on, so hopefully you will be able to choose the platforms that will work for you.

There’s a new in-game ad type. Will it take off?

There are many different ad types and formats. Interstitial videos, banners, interactive ones… Most of them convert pretty well, but it seems there is a new type of ad appearing soon. There’s a company called Odeeo and they want to introduce “ non-intrusive audio-based messaging” to the world of mobile gaming. In this article, I’ll describe how the format is going to work and I’ll make some predictions regarding its viability.

The easiest and free way to grow your game’s social media following

A lot of studios struggle with growing their social media following. There are, of course, many things that could be done to enhance and speed up the process – adjusting communication strategy, posting more content etc. Some even use paid campaigns to improve their brands’ recognition. However, there’s a simple thing that can be done in the game itself that can provide a decent following and, aside from slightly altering UI, it costs nothing. In this article, I’ll talk about this little trick and will provide some info on how to measure its effects on your social media presence.

6 simple steps of creating a great social media copy

Writing an engaging copy, be it a social media copy or a longer-form can sometimes be hard. Difficulties come in many shapes and forms. Writer’s block, burnout, lack of interesting topics and so on… However, I figured out a simple workflow that is easily applicable to communication schemes we use and it allows me andCzytaj dalej „6 simple steps of creating a great social media copy”

What to do when a well-known member of your gaming community dies? Case study

Death is inevitable. While we die alone, there are other people left in this world and they will want to express their emotions towards the deceased person. While it may be very hard to react to, social media and community managers should know what to do in such cases, as sometimes they just happen andCzytaj dalej „What to do when a well-known member of your gaming community dies? Case study”

Indie Games Marketing 101 pt. 4 – Pre-Release Brand Awareness

Indie Games Marketing 101 pt. 1 – figuring out the game itself and its audience Indie Games Marketing 101 pt. 2 – F2P distribution model Indie Games Marketing 101 pt. 3 – P2P distribution model OK, let’s say that you conducted your marketing research, decided what kind of a game you’d like to make andCzytaj dalej „Indie Games Marketing 101 pt. 4 – Pre-Release Brand Awareness”

Maintaining a grassroots gaming community in a niche game

If you’re familiar with this blog, you probably have noticed that I’m fond of fighting games. They, as a genre, have very much to offer. However, there are big series like Tekken, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat (Guilty Gear, perhaps, as well) and rarely anything else gets covered in the press. That’s a shame becauseCzytaj dalej „Maintaining a grassroots gaming community in a niche game”

Indie Games Marketing 101 pt. 3 – P2P distribution model

The most obvious thing to do after writing about the F2P model is to write one about the P2P model. This one seems to be way more intuitive and natural since you pay for the product, but everything has its pros and cons. Without further ado, let’s get to the topic.

How to train a Social Media Specialist?

Hi, I know that it’s been a while since I last posted an article to this blog, but I’ve had a ton of stuff to do, including a total rebuilding of my kitchen, helping out my fiancee with her obligations and so on. A pretty dynamic time in my life. But I have some topicsCzytaj dalej „How to train a Social Media Specialist?”

How to make your customers hate you. Nintendo’s Melee and Splatoon 2 controversy case study

Oh boy, has it been a rough time to be associated with Nintendo by any means. It took them two extremely poor decisions to be absolutely bombarded by their own players, by the industry and by the entire gaming part of the Internet. How it all happened? Let’s get to the story.