Two big updates

Hi, it’s been a while since I last posted here and there are a couple of good reasons for me to do so. In this post, I’ll make 2 announcements, so if you’re interested in the future of this blog, give it a read. Thanks in advance.

Announcement #1 – I won’t be working with games full-time anymore

I’ve been working with games since 2016 and it’s almost 2022 now. It’s been quite a while, hasn’t it? During this time, I haven’t worked at a single product I’ve been personally a fan of. This unique situation helped me with honing my skills without any bias, but I just didn’t feel like spending more time surrounded by things I was supposed to hype up but felt lukewarm about at best. Because of this, I’ll be leaving Ten Square Games (formally on the 31st of December, practically on the 8th of December) and I’ll be joining Thaumatec in January 2022. Thaumatec is a company in the health technology sector, so it’s not only a huge change and challenge for me (something that I needed for a while) but also an opportunity to work in an environment in which products that change and human lives – it’s just more fulfilling than working on mobile games that aren’t my cup of tea.

This doesn’t mean, though, that my ties with the gaming industry are severed. Not only I’ll be maintaining some sort of contact (maybe I’ll be helpful) with my current team at TSG (thanks for Grzegorz Gierczyk for allowing me to still have some insight into their operations), but I’m also bound by the contract with Garmory – a gamedev studio that produces a cult Polish browser MMORPG Margonem. I’m responsible for training their social media specialists, managing sprints of the social media team and for helping them create effective communication strategies – all of this on a daily basis. I enjoy being a consultant there and I hope that the stuff I do there will be useful for the company.

Despite the fact that I won’t be working with games full-time, doesn’t mean that I won’t come back to the industry in the future. It’s too early to know what will happen in a few years, after all. However, since I really enjoy video games, I’ll at least try to be up to date, have some freelance contracts (if you’d like to hire me, hit me up!) and run this blog. When it comes to the blog, though…

Announcement #2 – the blog is moving to Youtube

Having my very own site is fun and all, but there are many reasons why I believe that I’d be better off on Youtube. One of them is the fact that I’ll be able to gather more views and thus improve my personal branding (and effectively get more job offers and freelance contracts) using social media. Not only they have been my bread and butter for the last couple of years, but Youtube has this cool property due to which old content doesn’t really expire and can be recommended months and years after the publication.

I don’t want to abandon the blog, though, so I’ve decided to convert some of the older articles into the audiovisual format. The first one is here:

As you can see, this is a slightly updated version of my post about recruiting people from the communities I managed in order to put them into positions that would enhance my activities. I will convert into such a format at least some of the old articles from this blog and I’ll most likely stick to posting both videos and text posts (they will effectively be scripts). Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the new format. If it’s the case, like my video and subscribe to my channel!

This is all for today. Cheers!


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