Many Purposes of Social Media Management in the gaming industry (free video and presentation)

I was attending the Game Industry Conference last weekend and I had the great pleasure and honour of delivering a speech there. It regarded different uses of social media management in our industry. As this is not a comprehensive list (mostly due to time constraints and to an almost limitless capacity of human creativity), I think it can be useful. Feel free to use this presentation for your personal training, within your studio/company and for whatever reason you may come up with.

Watch the video here [LINK]

Read the presentation here [LINK]

Even though I’ve addressed some things regarding the presentation and the topic during my speech, I’d like to reiterate one thing:

The speech/presentation is meant for people not dealing with social media and for juniors in order to teach them what social media can be used for in the industry. When it comes to people in intermediate and advanced positions, it’s probably a bit like your regular marketing speech – you can watch it to broaden your perspective on the topic, as the stuff I talk about isn’t groundbreaking, but it provides a certain perspective to what we, sometimes almost instinctively, do.

Despite the fact that it was my first public speech in about 5 years and the first professional one in my life, I think I did quite well, as a lot of people told me that the speech was well-delivered, brought some actual value to them and was enjoyable. I was stressed as hell, especially in the first few minutes, but the longer I was talking, it started to feel better as I became more and more confident. I hope that if I have an opportunity to host another speech, I’ll do better.

If you’d like to hire me for consulting, mentoring, auditing or social media management, here are my contact details:

LinkedIn: Jakub Mamulski

Twitter: @jakubmamulski




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